A Happy Life and A Sustainable Planet Let Us Advance Together

Comhost has been serving our customers for many years, believing that with more diversified automated equipment, pharmacies in all medical institutions in Taiwan will enjoy a more convenient and efficient working environment.

Start out now for a better future. Comhost is working with you in the pursuit of "a happy life and a sustainable planet." Comhost has been deeply involved in social welfare for many years. With the corporate vision of "caring about life, making good use of resources and contributing to society", Comhost has made sustainable development a core philosophy of the company and continues to deepen its corporate commitment to environmental protection and social participation in the pursuit of "a happy life and a sustainable planet” that will create a multi-win situation for all stakeholders.



CSR Committee Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to promote the implementation of corporate social responsibility, the Company has established the "Corporate Social Responsibility Committee", which is responsible for formulating, implementing and reviewing policies and systems for improving corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability management that will in turn strengthen corporate governance, environmental sustainability and social contribution. In this Committee, the Chairman of the Board serves as a steering member and the General Manager serves as an officiating member. The Committee has also established a dedicated Sustainable Development Department and six working groups for: Corporate Governance, Environmental Sustainability, Employee Care, Supply Chain Management, Industrial Services and Social Inclusion. The most senior officers of the relevant departments serve as members of working groups to discuss major issues and to implement cross-departmental integration.

In addition to occasional working group meetings, this Committee meets at least twice a year for strategic goal setting and review, and the officiating member reports to the Board of Directors in the first quarter of each year on the results of the previous year's implementation of this Committee and the new annual goal plan. In addition, this Committee follows the Comhost Code of Corporate Social Responsibility, adopted at the 4th Board Meeting on November 10, 2016 (held in the 16th year), as the highest guiding principle for Comhost's implementation of major sustainability initiatives.

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