1986 October
Inception in Taiwan
TOSHO Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine was officially introduced to Taiwan.
1988 March
Business Expansion in Taiwan
As a result of our efforts, Cathay General Hospital became the first user of the TOSHO Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine. From then on, the pharmacies in the hospitals of Taiwan entered the era of automatic dispensing. Subsequently, the users of our products included: Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Tzu Chi General Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Kaohsiung Medical University, Tri-Service General Hospital, Mackay Memorial Hospital and other medical centers.
2003 May
Our Clients Included Large Medical Centers
Our clients included large medical centers such as National Cheng Kung University Hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, China Medical University Hospital, Changhua Christian Hospital, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Chung Shan Medical University Hospital, etc.
2012 January
Wide-Range Promotion
1. The market share of TOSHO in Taiwan reached 91%.
2. The research and development of the Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine were begun.
3. A breakthrough progress was realized in research and development of the Automatic Injection Packing Machine.
2013 June
Introduced the Medicine Detection Machine
As planned, a Medicine Detection Machine was introduced and an R&D department was set up to conduct R&D.
2018 March
Commonly Seen in Major Medical Institutions
Many medical institutions across Taiwan began to use our products extensively.
2020 February
The Largest in Taiwan
With TOSHO Full Automatic Tablet Packing Machine taking up the largest market share, Comhost has become the largest pharmaceutical packaging equipment manufacturer in Taiwan with an annual sales target of NT$ 250 million.
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