Overview Company Intro

The company is a medical equipment manufacturer. The head office is located in Taipei City, with branches in Taichung, Chiayi and Kaohsiung. The main customers include the major hospitals in the country. The company is the largest pharmaceutical packaging equipment manufacturer in Taiwan, with an annual turnover of nearly 210 million. We believe that with more diversified automated equipment, pharmacies in all medical institutions in Taiwan will enjoy a more convenient and efficient working environment.

A Global Brand, Pioneer in Taiwan

Main Products / Service Items:
The company's main products include full automatic tablet packing machines, injection machines, pre-counting machines and counting equipment.
The key service item is the maintenance of the medicine dispenser.

Business Philosophy Core Values

Dedicated to Technology Promotion

We are constantly committed to the promotion of software and hardware technology. In terms of software, we make every effort to manage the procedures of pharmaceutical packaging in Taiwan. In terms of hardware, our service department continues to improve technology and pursue the goal of providing quality service.

Foster Good Interaction with Customers

We have always had a good interaction with our customers. As a result, we gain experience and have a deep understanding of the actual needs of our customers.

High-Efficiency Service

We offer a year-round service. Due to the rapid increase of customers, in addition to our business office in Taipei, we have also set up branches in Taichung, Chiayi and Kaohsiung to provide complete services for customers from different areas.

Management with Sustainability in Mind

In the future, we will strive for sustainability and actively provide efficient and high-quality products to our customers, as this is a belief we have maintained for many years.

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